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About Sarah

With over a decade of real world experience in both print and digital design and a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design, Sarah Piha brings her extensive design background into every project. Her designs have been on screens, publications, and shelves across the nation and in Australia. Projects she’s worked on have been included in Ted Talks, Comedy Central, the Kelly Clarkson Show, and national publications. 

Having a genuine passion and appreciation for both effective and beautiful design, Sarah understands that excellent design comes from both being aesthetically pleasing and usable. Whether it’s a logo being readable, packaging being functional, or a website being user-friendly, Sarah takes that need and adds grace and beauty. 

Born and raised near Boston, but transplanted to San Diego 6 years ago, Sarah likes to think she has that perfect combination of east coast foundation and bluntness with West Coast creativity and out-of-the-box vibes. She started freelancing over a decade ago, and officially started Springer Graphic Design in 2015. She’s worked with clients in almost every major industry on projects both large and small. 

Sarah is co-owner of nail polish brand Goat Nail Lacquer, and the wife of a restauranteur, so she understands the backend of running a business. She takes that understanding and brings it to her clients by making her systems and communications easy and smooth for clients. She believes that business owners have enough to deal with, and dealing with a pain in the ass designer with an ego is all too common of an obstacle. Instead, clients can enjoy Sarah and her team’s down to earth demeanor, state of the art systems, and super easy communication.

Sarah handpicks every member of her team based upon their talent, attitude, and work ethic. With design elements having an infinite variety, Sarah knows where to delegate with her team to utilize everyone’s strengths to create phenomenal designs for each and every client and project.

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