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Making an Irresistible Email Design for Anna Marti Cosmetics

At Springer Graphic Design, Inc., we take pride in our ability to translate our clients’ visions into captivating visual experiences. In this case, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Anna Marti Cosmetics, a renowned cosmetics business in Los Angeles, to create an email design that would effectively promote their exclusive sale. With a focus on femininity, elegance, and concise messaging, we embarked on a journey to craft an email that would captivate readers and generate substantial eCommerce sales. Leveraging the existing brand elements and guidelines, we aimed to create an easy-to-read and visually stunning email that would serve as a powerful marketing tool.

Understanding Anna Marti’s desire for a feminine design, we meticulously curated the visual elements to evoke a sense of beauty and allure. Incorporating Anna Marti’s various types of eyelashes, our primary objective was to spotlight their best-selling lash, Coqueta. We knew that showcasing Coqueta on models and customers, along with a glimpse of the product straight out of the package, would effectively communicate its exceptional quality and appeal to potential customers.

With Anna Marti Cosmetics already having a well-established brand, we recognized the importance of maintaining brand consistency throughout the email design. By adhering to the existing brand elements and guidelines, we ensured that the email seamlessly aligned with the overall brand identity of Anna Marti Cosmetics. This approach helped create a cohesive and recognizable visual language that resonated with their audience.

Our goal was to make it easy for readers to associate the email with Anna Marti Cosmetics and their commitment to delivering exceptional beauty products.

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To maximize the effectiveness of the email in generating ecommerce sales, we prioritized an intuitive and user-friendly layout. By incorporating a clear hierarchy and organizing the content in a visually appealing manner, we made it effortless for readers to explore the exclusive sale offers. The email presented an enticing blend of captivating visuals, concise product descriptions, and irresistible discounts. By strategically placing the call-to-action buttons, we aimed to drive readers to the Anna Marti Cosmetics website or their flagship store in Los Angeles.

At Springer Graphic Design, Inc., we take pride in our ability to transform our clients’ visions into tangible and visually stunning designs. Our collaboration with Anna Marti Cosmetics allowed us to create an engaging and persuasive email design that effectively promoted their exclusive sale. By incorporating elements of femininity, elegance, and adhering to the existing brand identity, we crafted an email that captivated readers and drove eCommerce sales. We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our work and contribute to the success of Anna Marti Cosmetics, a brand committed to enhancing beauty through artistry.

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