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Cream’wich and Time Out Sports Tavern Collaboration

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When two culinary forces, Cream’wich and Time Out Sports Tavern, joined hands to offer a delectable treat to their customers, it was a moment of sheer delight. Cream’wich, renowned for their artisan cookies and premium ice cream, teamed up with Time Out Sports Tavern to bring a unique dessert experience to the bustling Southern California scene. As Sarah’s longstanding client, Time Out recognized the need to cater to their customers’ sweet cravings and chose Cream’wich for their exceptional quality and local roots. In this collaboration, it was imperative to convey the message that Cream’wich was not your average ice cream, but a truly special indulgence.

The story of Cream'wich began in 2012 when the iconic Manhattan Beach Creamery and family-owned Katella Bakery merged their expertise to create a one-of-a-kind ice cream sandwich.

The Cream’wich combined the artistry of Katella Bakery’s artisan cookies with the premium ice cream from Manhattan Beach Creamery, resulting in a mouthwatering treat that quickly became their signature item. The immense popularity and demand for the Cream’wich led the team to package and distribute it, initially from the back of their cars, to local shops along the sun-kissed beaches of Southern California.

Cream'wich poster
We put the delicious treat front and center in every design.

Time Out Sports Tavern recognized the need to elevate their culinary offerings by introducing a decadent dessert option. While they previously didn’t have a dedicated dessert menu, customers often inquired about sweet treats to complement their dining experience. The collaboration with Cream’wich provided the perfect solution, as it aligned with Time Out’s commitment to showcasing local and exceptional products. By introducing Cream’wich at Time Out, customers could now enjoy the perfect marriage of Cream’wich’s cookies and ice cream, elevating their dining experience to new heights.

To effectively communicate the arrival of Cream’wich at Time Out Sports Tavern, an eye-catching and on-brand advertising campaign was crucial. Sarah, having worked with Time Out since 2018, played an instrumental role in further building and expanding the Cream’wich brand. Collaborating with the talented team at YouStudio, the beautiful and strong Cream’wich logo was born, capturing the essence of this extraordinary dessert.

The poster collaboration in action!

The posters designed to promote Cream’wich needed to command attention, align with the Time Out brand, and incorporate elements of Cream’wich’s identity. The advertising campaign aimed to captivate customers by showcasing the irresistible combination of Cream’wich’s artisan cookies and premium ice cream, all within the energetic and vibrant ambiance of Time Out Sports Tavern. The posters highlighted the uniqueness and indulgence of Cream’wich, enticing customers to savor this extraordinary dessert and make it a memorable part of their Time Out experience.

The collaboration between Cream’wich and Time Out Sports Tavern marked a harmonious union of flavors, where cookies and ice cream met in perfect harmony. Cream’wich, born out of the artistry of Katella Bakery and Manhattan Beach Creamery, brought their exceptional ice cream sandwich to the menu of Time Out, a testament to their commitment to delivering extraordinary desserts. Through a captivating advertising campaign, led by Sarah and YouStudio, the arrival of Cream’wich at Time Out Sports Tavern was celebrated, enticing customers with the promise of a unique and indulgent experience.

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