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Brand Identity Design: Photographer Laura Fratkin

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In today’s digital age, photographers need more than just a keen eye and a talent for capturing moments. They need a strong brand identity and an online presence that showcases their work and connects them with potential clients. This case study dives into the journey of Laura Fratkin, a passionate photographer based in New England, and how we helped her transform her business with a comprehensive brand identity design and a captivating website.

Laura Fratkin approached us with a desire for a complete brand overhaul. She wanted a logo, typography, patterns, and a color palette that would reflect her unique style and resonate with her target audience. Understanding the importance of versatility, we created both a primary logo for her main branding and a small icon/monogram that could be used for watermarks, social media, and other purposes. To ensure compatibility with her stunning photographs, we developed a dark and light version of the logo to seamlessly blend with any background.

brand identity design sheet for Laura Fratkin
A complete brand identity on display.

Laura’s photography is all about capturing honest moments and telling beautiful stories. With this in mind, we embarked on designing a website that would showcase her talent, creativity, and versatility. The primary objective was to create an immersive visual experience for visitors, allowing them to explore her portfolio, get inspired, and easily access essential information.

Computer and phone mock-up of laurafratkinphoto.com

Laura’s website is designed to be clean, sleek, and responsive.

The website prominently displayed Laura’s stunning photos, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in her work. We integrated her Instagram feed, ensuring that her latest updates and fresh content were always visible to her audience. Additionally, we developed a user-friendly booking system where clients could check her availability, view pricing and shoot details, and effortlessly reach out to Laura for inquiries and bookings.

recognized the importance of website maintenance to ensure optimal performance and a seamless user experience. From regular software updates to troubleshooting issues and updating content, we continue to provide ongoing support to Laura. This allows her to focus on what she does best—capturing timeless memories—while we handle the technical aspects of her online presence.

Through our partnership with Laura Fratkin, we had the opportunity to transform her brand identity and create a captivating website that showcases her photography expertise. By understanding her vision and aligning it with our design expertise, we were able to deliver a brand identity that truly represents her style and a website that serves as a gateway to her portfolio and photography services. Our ongoing support ensures that Laura’s online presence remains up-to-date, enabling her to focus on creating beautiful memories for her clients.

You can see her website here!

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