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Brand Identity: Lauren Desmond’s Natural Candles

As Lauren Desmond’s natural candle business began to flourish, she realized the importance of establishing a strong brand identity to elevate her products and project a professional image. Seeking to capture the essence of her business, Lauren embarked on a creative collaboration with our team to design a logo, develop branding elements, and create eye-catching packaging. Working closely with both Lauren and her jar and boxing manufacturer, we ensured that the designs aligned seamlessly with the product specifications, resulting in a visually stunning presentation. With a desire to incorporate a special bee illustration by a close friend and a play on her initials and nickname, “Ellie Bee” (LB), Lauren’s vision was set to take flight.

Understanding the significance of a well-crafted logo, we embarked on the journey of creating a design that would capture the essence of Lauren’s natural candles. Drawing inspiration from her friendship and the bee illustration, we skillfully combined elements to create a logo that exuded both elegance and playfulness. The incorporation of a periodic table vibe, paying homage to Lauren’s background in the science industry, added a unique touch that set her brand apart. The logo would serve as the cornerstone of her branding efforts, making a lasting impression on customers and reflecting the quality of her products.

Logo for Ellie Bee Apothecary
Lauren’s jars are high quality and reflective of the principles she wants her brand to exude.

With a focus on delivering a delightful unboxing experience, we collaborated closely with Lauren and her jar and boxing manufacturer to create packaging that would showcase her natural candles in their best light. By carefully considering specifications and design elements, we ensured that the packaging not only aligned with her brand but also protected the integrity of the products. The incorporation of the logo and branding elements on the packaging created a cohesive and visually appealing presentation that would captivate customers from the moment they received their order. By combining aesthetics, functionality, and brand consistency, we crafted packaging that left a lasting impression. Each illustration for the various scents was hand-drawn and designed to match a cohesive style.

A photo of a eucalyptus and lemon beeswax candle next to its box.
The lemon and eucalyptus labels were illustrated by hand with the brand theming in mind.

Throughout the process, collaboration was key. We worked hand in hand with Lauren and her trusted partners to bring her vision to life. By integrating her friend’s bee illustration and infusing it with her nickname, “Ellie Bee,” we created a personalized touch that reflected her passion and dedication. Additionally, aligning the specifications with the jar and boxing manufacturer ensured that the final product was visually stunning and met the highest standards of quality. It was also important to keep the product safety and health requirements visibly accessible while not compromising the aesthetic of the brand we had designed. Keeping must-have elements in mind in the process of designing keeps the end product unified and pleasant to look at without looking rushed.

Through our collaborative efforts, Lauren Desmond’s natural candle business now boasts a distinctive brand identity that truly resonates with her customers. From the meticulously designed logo to the carefully crafted packaging, every element reflects the commitment to quality and professionalism that defines her brand. With a memorable logo, cohesive branding, and visually appealing packaging, Lauren’s natural candles have taken on a new life, captivating customers and standing out in a competitive market. As she continues to light the path to success, we are proud to have played a part in elevating her brand and helping her candles shine brighter than ever before.

brand identity business cards for Ellie Bee Apothecary
Lauren’s new brand identity can be used across communicative mediums.

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