Memento’s: Elevating Charcuterie Boards with A Sophisticated Brand

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At Springer Graphic Design, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Denisse, the visionary behind Memento’s, a charcuterie board business. Denisse approached us through Instagram, seeking our expertise in designing a logo that would perfectly capture the essence of her brand. With a focus on creating welcoming spaces for people to share with their loved ones, Denisse envisioned a touch of sophistication and elegance that would elevate her charcuterie boards to new heights.

While Denisse’s project primarily revolved around a logo design, we understood the importance of ensuring brand cohesiveness throughout her business. We delved into the core values and aesthetics of Memento’s, working closely with Denisse to develop a logo that would seamlessly integrate with her overall sophisticated brand identity.

Logo design mock up surrounded by flowers.
Elegant imagery and context can elevate a brand to showcase their essence.

To bring the logo design to life and allow Denisse to visualize its impact in the real world, we created a series of mockups. These mockups showcased how the logo would appear on various surfaces, such as packaging, stationery, and even physical products. By presenting these visual representations, Denisse gained a clearer understanding of how her logo would enhance the overall brand experience for her customers.

Denisse’s vision for Memento’s centered on delivering more than just charcuterie boards. She aimed to create a sense of sophistication and elegance that would resonate with her target audience. We channeled these aspirations into the logo design, incorporating elements that exuded refinement and allure. The logo became a symbol of the elevated experiences and delightful moments that Memento’s charcuterie boards would bring to people’s lives.

Logo design mock up.
We create mockups to show how the logos look with texture and in lighting.

The heart of Memento’s lies in the idea of creating inviting spaces for people to gather and enjoy shared moments. We wanted the logo to evoke a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Through careful selection of fonts, colors, and design elements, we successfully captured the essence of Denisse’s vision. The logo not only reflected the artistry of her charcuterie boards but also conveyed a sense of hospitality and togetherness.

Denisse’s collaboration with Springer Graphic Design resulted in a logo that beautifully captured the essence of Memento’s. With a touch of sophistication and elegance, the logo seamlessly integrates with the overall brand identity. It serves as a visual representation of the welcoming spaces that Denisse creates through her charcuterie boards, inviting people to share memorable moments with their loved ones.

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