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Packaging Design for Startups: Mama T’s

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We’re diving into the exciting journey of Peyton and Sean, who embarked on a mission to modernize their grandmother’s recipe and bring it to the masses. We’ll explore how our team helped them transform their brand with innovative packaging design for startups. So, buckle up and join us on this creative adventure!

Peyton and Sean had a vision to take their Grandmother’s authentic, beloved family  recipes to the masses in San Diego County. The little bit of packaging that was used long ago was nice, but they wanted to do a total overhaul and bring it to the 21st century and make it more professional, too.  They sought to create a brand that was clean, modern, and infused with fun and flair. Their moodboard showcased a wide range of inspirations from the food industry, as well as other diverse industries like coffee and decor.

What began as a logo design project quickly expanded into a full-fledged packaging endeavor. Collaborating closely with Peyton and Sean, we crafted a captivating logo that captured the essence of their brand.

As the project progressed, we delved into designing custom jar wrap packaging for their pasta sauces, dips, spices, and dressings.

Navigating the challenges of the container industry’s demands (this was peak 2020, the shipping and supply demands for containers were incredibly difficult to navigate and rely upon), we ensured the packaging reflected their unique story.

Packaging design for startups for Mama T's
It was important to ensure their story was front and center.

As Peyton and Sean’s brand grew, they ventured into local farmers markets, showcasing their products to a wider audience. We provided them with a comprehensive range of marketing collateral, including banners, signage, and brochures, to showcase their brand and its values. Our collaboration extended beyond design, as we connected them with trusted print referrals to bring our designs to life.

Entering Italian markets in San Diego, Peyton and Sean secured an opportunity to display their products prominently at Rovino the Foodery, a popular Italian market in downtown San Diego owned by Tom Tarantino. With the goal of creating a captivating in-store presence, we designed a custom display shelf that demanded attention and highlighted their brand amidst the bustling aisles. The functional and eye-catching design ensured their products couldn’t be overlooked.

This project was a testament to our ability to create remarkable packaging design for startups. By understanding Peyton and Sean’s vision and infusing it into every aspect of the brand, we achieved a cohesive and visually stunning result. The packaging design not only showcased their products but also captured the essence of their grandmother’s recipe and their commitment to quality. You can see Mama T’s Instagram by following this link.

Are you a startup looking to make a bold statement with your packaging design? Look no further! Our team of creative experts specializes in crafting innovative and captivating packaging solutions that elevate your brand. Let us help you tell your unique story and captivate your target audience. Get in touch with us today to embark on a design journey that will leave a lasting impression.

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