Bleu Luna Hair Brand Design

When Celebrity Hairstylist HairLuvByTiffany decided she was going to create a new line of vegan, cruelty-free hair products, she reached out to us to create her brand. She desired a look that was modern, natural, and luxurious.

We took her vision and ideas and created her logo, a beautiful combination of type and image. Working with her bottling company, swag companies, and printers, we made sure her logo would look strong on all of the products and items it would be bolstered upon.

We created a Shopify website for customers to place their orders. Tiffany loves the ease of the system, and loves watching the orders roll in!

As a full graphic design AND MARKETING company, we are able to not only design, but also promote and market. Check out the @bleulunahair Instagram page, where we’ve been building an audience of organic followers (who love to buy product!).

Because the work of a designer is never over, we’re always creating new pieces for Bleu Luna Hair for new promotions, events, and editorials.