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Redefining Papi Style’s Barber Essentials

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When Anthony approached us, he had already worked with a previous graphic designer but felt that his design needed a fresh perspective. Determined to create a standout brand for his company, Papi Style, Anthony sought our expertise to elevate his product labels and bring his vision to life. This case study delves into our collaboration with Anthony, showcasing the transformative power of professional graphic design.

Working closely with Anthony, we embarked on a creative journey to redefine Papi Style’s product labels. Understanding the importance of precision and attention to detail, we digitally drew every aspect of the men’s haircuts featured on the product containers.

Through an iterative process of feedback and refinement, we ensured that each label captured the essence of Papi Style's barber essentials.

To enhance Papi Style’s visual presence, we collaborated with the talented San Diego product photographer, Neslihunfoto. Together, we captured stunning product photographs that showcased the quality and craftsmanship of Papi Style’s offerings. The resulting images became invaluable assets for Anthony’s website and marketing materials, allowing him to create a strong brand presence.

To add a playful touch to Papi Style’s branding, we created vibrant sticker mockups that showcased both product looks. These mockups not only captured attention but also provided Anthony with a visual representation of how his products would be displayed. It allowed him to envision the final packaging design and provided a tangible preview of his brand’s potential.

Cut out circular sticker on concrete surface

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