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Sweet Success: Custom Brand Packaging

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Welcome to our sweetest blog post yet, where we’ll take you behind the scenes of a delightful collaboration between Springer Graphic Design, Cakes by Drea, and the printing experts at Pack M. Join us as we unveil our process of designing custom brand packaging, perfect for businesses like Cakes by Drea, that not only protected Drea’s delectable creations but also showcased her brand with style and flair. Get ready to indulge in the details of this delicious journey!

Chef Andrea baking in her kitchen, surrounded by sweets.
Photo by Dual.Production
Meet Andrea Stanley, the talented cake artist and entrepreneur behind Cakes by Drea. As a passionate baker, she dreamed of sharing her irresistible custom cakes with a wider audience. Andrea sought the expertise of Sarah Piha, the creative force behind Springer Graphic Design, to help bring her brand vision to life and design stunning custom packaging, catering specifically to businesses in need of custom boxes.

The Challenge:

With Andrea’s growing popularity, her mouthwatering cakes were in demand not only in San Diego but also across the country. Shipping delicate cakes posed a significant challenge. Andrea wanted to ensure that her cakes arrived in perfect condition while maintaining a memorable brand experience for her customers.

The Solution:

Sarah took on the challenge of designing custom boxes that captured the essence of Cakes by Drea. Collaborating closely with Andrea, Sarah translated her brand’s personality into a visually appealing box design, tailored for businesses in search of custom packaging solutions. Together, they crafted a packaging solution that would not only protect the cakes during transit but also leave a lasting impression on customers.

The Partnership with Pack M:

To bring the custom box design to life, Sarah discovered Pack M, a reputable printing company known for their excellent quality and low minimum quantity requirements. Working hand in hand with Pack M, Sarah ensured that Andrea’s design was faithfully reproduced on the boxes, catering specifically to the needs of businesses in search of custom boxes. Pack M’s expertise and attention to detail guaranteed that the printed boxes met the highest standards of quality, while their affordable pricing made it a perfect fit for Andrea’s small business.

With the collaboration between Springer Graphic Design and Pack M, Andrea’s custom boxes became a reality. The expert printers at Pack M flawlessly executed the printing process, bringing Sarah’s design to vibrant life. The boxes were produced with precision, showcasing the captivating design elements and colors that perfectly represented Cakes by Drea, making them ideal for businesses seeking custom boxes. Pack M then efficiently delivered the boxes to Sarah’s doorstep, ready to be filled with the scrumptious creations and shipped to eager customers nationwide.

Andrea's custom brand packaging
Cake by Drea’s custom and professional packaging.

The Sweet Success:

Thanks to the collective efforts of Springer Graphic Design and Pack M, Andrea’s custom boxes became a game-changer for her business and an attractive option for businesses in search of custom boxes. Customers across the country could now savor her delicious treats, knowing that their cakes would arrive in pristine condition, packaged in eye-catching boxes that reflected the brand’s essence. The seamless collaboration between design and printing elevated the overall brand experience, resulting in satisfied customers and a thriving business for Cakes by Drea. You can find out more about Cakes by Drea by following this link to her Instagram, and here to her website.

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