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Website Design for Businesses: ECON Case Study

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Welcome to our blog post, where we’re diving into the exciting journey of helping Eric Aguilera and the talented team at ECON Construction amp up their online presence with exceptional website design for businesses. We’ll spill the beans on how we tackled their previous website struggles and built a sleek platform that’s all about flaunting their incredible work. So, grab a seat and let’s get down to business!

Let’s set the scene: Eric Aguilera and the ECON Construction crew had big dreams of impressing some seriously high-end clients.

But here’s the thing—they weren’t thrilled with their previous website, which was built by another designer. The website was decent, it was structural and to the point, but it was lacking their personal style like the hip and modern-ness that their buildings expressed. They knew they needed a website that could compete with their industry peers and truly showcase their jaw-dropping projects.

We put our thinking caps on and kicked off with a Discovery Call to dig deep into Eric’s goals, preferences, and aspirations for website design for businesses. The team shared some inspiring websites they loved, giving us a great sense of their desired design direction. Armed with this knowledge, we presented them with a range of potential website visions, and guess what? They found the one that truly spoke to them. And that’s when the magic began!

Website design for businesses
It’s important to visualize how the website will look to audiences looking for contracting help.

To bring their vision to life, we harnessed the power of WordPress and teamed up with WP Engine for top-notch hosting. WordPress is our go-to tool because it allows us the creative freedom to craft a unique online experience for website design for businesses. And with WP Engine, we ensured that their website performs like a dream—fast, secure, and reliable.

With WordPress as our trusty sidekick, we transformed ECON Construction’s chosen design vision into a stunning website. We created a dynamic, user-friendly platform that flawlessly showcases their wide range of services and mind-blowing project portfolio. Throughout the site, we sprinkled captivating photos to give visitors a true sense of their craftsmanship. To top it all off, we dedicated individual case study pages that dive deep into the unique details of each awe-inspiring project.

Drumroll, please! The new website has been a game-changer for ECON Construction. Thanks to our expertise in website design for businesses, we crafted a highly customizable and responsive site that leaves visitors in awe. The captivating imagery and detailed case studies offer an immersive experience that showcases ECON Construction’s expertise and leaves a lasting impression.

You can view the site here!

Understanding a client’s past struggles and goals is the key to success in website design for businesses. By involving ECON Construction throughout the design process and leveraging the power of WordPress, we transformed their vision into reality. Collaboration and customization are the name of the game!

Visit the rest of our website by clicking here and scrolling down!

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